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The Edge Podcast by MGR

Welcome to The Edge, hosted by MGR. The Edge is a weekly show highlighting the latest trends in consumer online habits and how they are influencing the way companies are planning their current marketing strategies. From Social Media, to Influencer Marketing, Live Video, Voice, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and more! Tune in weekly to this unique audio experience!

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Will AR Ever Really Take Over? – The Edge by MGR Podcast

Augmented Reality tech is one of the most hyped (and funded) sectors out there right now. Companies are promising a utopian holographic future, but so far the general consumer hasn’t seen much. What’s holding AR back and how soon will we see some of those amazing promises come true? That’s what today’s episode is all about, so give it a listen!


Give Your Product Away for Free if You Want to Grow – The Edge by MGR Podcast

Is free the answer? Today’s episode is an argument for why letting customers use your products or services for free in the beginning will grow your business like no other.


How to Actually Use Data and Boost Your Business – The Edge by MGR Podcast

This episode is a practical guide to using data to make your business better. A lot of people seem to be confused about data when it comes to business, and don’t know how to use it to make their company better. Today is all about how to do just that.


How to Become a Media Company – The Edge by MGR Podcast

After last week’s episode we got comments asking how people should go about creating a media branch within their company. And today we talk what content to create, and how to distribute it to get a huge audience.


Peek Into the Future: 5 New Technologies that Will Change the Game – The Edge by MGR Podcast

Today’s episode is a must listen. If you are not aware of the 5 new technologies discussed then you need to be. All of them will majorly impact your everyday life within just a few years. Give it a listen!


How AI is Changing Work – The Edge by MGR Podcast

People think of AI as something futuristic and coming in the future, but it’s already here. And it’s revolutionizing the desk job. Everything from Finance to Marketing to Art is being disrupted by bots. This episode is all about how companies are using bots and how you can use them in your own business or as an employee. Give it a listen!