How to Expand Your Business into India and China

Business The Edge Podcast Top February 1, 2019
Sell in India and China


How to Expand Your Business into India and China

David Gil goes through everything you need to know about doing business in India and China. They are the two fastest growing countries on the planet and many companies are trying to figure out how to get in early. By popular demand we decided to give insight on what it takes to expand into India and China.

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Getting past the language barrier in India and China – (4:16)

Navigating regulations and the Chinese regime – (7:10)

How do contracts work in China? – (8:30)

IP theft in China – (9:10)

How do contracts work in India? – (11:27)

Is there IP theft in India? – (12:55)

How good is the infrastructure in India and China? – (13:50)

China and India’s advanced digital infrastructure – (15:43)



Languages guide for India

Enforcing contracts in China

Enforcing contracts in India

IP theft in China

India’s improving infrastructure

WeChat’s dominance in China