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    • June 2010: Apple launches the iPhone 4, the first one with a high-resolution selfie camera, and the first iPhone to be available across all major US carriers.
    • July 2011: Spotify launches in the US
    • July 2011: Netflix launches Qwikster, loses thousands of subscribers and returns to being just Netflix again.
    • October 2011: Steve Jobs dies. Everyone wonders how can Apple continue without him?  The rest is history.
    • April 2012: Facebook buys Instagram.  Hard core Instagrammers are not too happy…
    • August 2012: The Oculus Rift arrives on Kickstarter.  VR takes the stage.
    • May 2013: Adobe Launches Creative Cloud.  A SaaS trend that would be followed by many other companies.
    • June 2013: Edward Snowden reveals the NSA’s PRISM project and since then, has been exiled in Russia.
    • February 2014: Facebook buys WhatsApp. WhatsApp users are not too happy either…
    • March 2014: Amazon raises Prime subscription fee for the first time.  Nobody cares, still is a good deal.
    • November 2014: Amazon launches Amazon Echo.  Alexa becomes the most popular name in the US, and she’s always listening… allegedly.
    • December 2015: SpaceX lands a space rocket. The era of recycling rockets officially begins.
    • November 2016: Donald Trump is elected president of the United States.
    • March 2017: The Guardian publishes Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal.
    • June 2017: Amazon Buys Whole Foods.
    • February 2019: Spotify becomes an “audio” company by adding Podcasting to its repertoire.
    • December 2019: Larry Page and Sergey Brin leave Google. Surprisingly or not, the news outlets reaction is very subtle. Sundar Pichai had already been in charge for months.HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!

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