All About Backyard Farming

Life August 17, 2018
backyard farming


All About Backyard Farming

When you hear the word farmer what comes to mind. For me, I picture a farmer hanging out with all the animals having a great time. I’m not a farmer or anything but I’m sure the job is nothing like that. And currently, farming is in a battle between GMO farming and organic farming. This is a shame because first of all its destroying honest business, and second of all our food shouldn’t be a money game. Politics aside, I think that we should all take an interest in the possibility of growing our own food.

I’m sure that we are all aware that our food has increased in price and decreased in quality. We are confused somewhat dazed customers kind of walking around like zombies doing our best to eat somewhat healthy. If we gave ourselves back some power over our food, we too could start eating healthier and for a cheaper cost in the long run. While we regular folks might not have the land or money to have our own farm, we could get on board with the backyard farming train.
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What Is Backyard Farming?

What is Backyard Farming?Backyard Farming is basically what it sounds like. Growing fruits and vegetables right in your own backyard, as well as possibly having some animals. We spend millions of dollars a year growing grass and pouring chemicals on it to keep it alive, so why not put that energy into food that you can actually eat. This would also greatly increase available local food if more people got on board with backyard farming and reduce food costs.
A plus to farming is all the benefits you will get:

  • Vitamin D
  • Play in the dirt- enjoy the immune boosting properties of dirt
  • Grounding
  • Stress relief
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables- if you work hard for something, typically you want to enjoy the benefits
  • Exercise- Gardening is actually work!

Try Backyard Farming

  • Just grow something- Even if its super small, once you start seeing progress it will be so exciting and motivating.
  • Add some animals- even if you don’t have a lot of space chickens are a great animal to have as well as some honey bees

Get creative and have the freedom to grow the fruits and veggies that you want to consume. Whether you are trying backyard farming for fun or to eat healthier on a budget, it will be a learning experience for sure. I feel like being hands on with our food allows us to appreciate what the earth gives us. With so much packaged food, it’s easy to forget that the earth gives us everything we need, and that’s something that’s worth appreciating.

Photo by Derek Story on Unsplash